About Us

Our story and inspiration for opening ruda120

What makes us special?

A place where your eyes can play…

Ruda120 carries a unique collection of clothing not found anywhere else in downtown Palm Springs. Come check us out!

Our Creative Team


I spent most of my adult life in San Francisco. When I moved to Palm Springs, I liked the small-town scene, but missed its city style. I thought it would be cool to bring a little of SF/NY/ LA clad to the desert.

Welcome to ruda 120!


Chicago to Palm Springs…Using my interior design eye to choose the latest clothing collections to hit Palm Springs. City heart meets desert soul ~ who says you cannot make a career change in your “mid-century” years?

We’ve been asked, “What’s the 120?”

  • Is that how much you weigh now?
  • How much each item costs?
  • Your address?
  • Thread count?
  • Miles away from LA?
  • Hours you’ve been awake?
  • MPH I need to drive to make it to your opening?

City Heart

Desert Soul